alphas squad

In the summer of 2005, Junior Jonathon Mildner began the effort towards creating an interest group in hopes of bringing to the University of Central Florida it’s first and only Asian American Cultural Interest Fraternity. With the help of nine other men, the interest group known as FM became a realization.

“FM” stands for flashbulb memory; a psychological term used to describe an event in one’s life that is so dramatic that it is never forgotten.

Later that summer, FM became official with the joining of freshmen Alex Jackson, Victor Ma, and Xi Guo. During the beginning of the Fall semester, freshmen Martin Balderama, Junichi Hirano, and Sophomore Kha Duong joined to accelerate the movement towards achieving the goals of a future fraternity at UCF. In late spring of 2006, FM was finalized with the joining of freshmen Michael Cho, Juniors Ricky Ly and Frank Yi.

These men created a flashbulb memory for the University of Central Florida by promoting cultural awareness through actively helping and taking leadership in Asian cultural student organizations, and creating new organizations. As well as volunteering in the Orlando community.

With hard work and dedication throughout the community, FM achieved its goals in being recognized as potential brothers of the Pi Delta Psi Fraternity, Incorporated. Finally, through their efforts on April 7, 2008 these ten men chartered the Phi Chapter of the Pi Delta Psi Fraternity, Incorporated.